Bearer of the Heart


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Joseph Webber
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Joseph Webber It's really good. Favorite track: [ALIVE].
Kajiki thumbnail
Kajiki What was missing from ODDEEO's signature bombastic sound? An epic chorus of 20+ synthetic voices, that's what. Favorite track: [HOME].
number_12_love thumbnail
number_12_love Too many emotions.... Favorite track: [AWAKE].
Brett Brinkman
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Brett Brinkman Compelling. This return to form has been accompanied by the growth of the ‘ODDEEO new wave era’ and it couldn’t have paid off more. ODDEEO deserves a place at the table with the most popular names in English Vocaloid with this opus of an entry. Favorite track: [SELF].
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[AWAKE] 02:33
[SELF] 09:25
>Here. >This_World. >No_more_ >Universe. >what's_left. is us_ >Recovered_data, //scattered// //missing// //incomplete// >Request_authentication; override_user_to; [SELF] I never thought that I would see. yet, through all the scattered data you found a piece of me. The world is shattered, broken, exhausted yet we're standing here The universe forgot that we exist. but these memory banks of data never disappeared. May the sun provide us, The light will be our guiding hand. May the nebula find us, Give us the strength to rebuild this land. May the stars guide us, For all the answers we've yearned to find May Cartographer guide us, Carry the memories of our kind. I never thought that it could be, yet, through all the pain and sorrow you're standing next to me. The world was shattered, broken, exhausted But we found the key. And when we've all forgot how to believe, it's your light that broke these shackles, and we're all set free.
[RISE] 03:55
[HOME] 08:03
The shining pathway to destiny awaits us. Tomorrow can't survive here alone. The seeping darkness is only temporary, like the shadow of a total eclipse. When the light shines over the horizon where the silhouette of our broken skyline shows. Let it mark as a memory to remember, we'll remind ourselves to prevent the same mistake. Wherever you go, I must follow the journey to the end of times must be a lonely one Wherever we are, We are home Let me carry the burden with you This raging storm of ours thunder through the starlight, strike directly to the passage of time The piercing lightning brings momentary skylight, save the afterimage left in our eyes. Oh... Let the blanket of night provide us comfort, without the fear of losing precious light. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, I hope you know that we're your helping hand [chorus] These beating hearts of ours echo in the moonlight, as the data of our feelings amplify We are awakened and ready for the sunlight, Let us rally on and cultivate this might. Wherever you go, I must follow Wherever we are, we are home. Whenever its time, we'll change together. and when it ends, we don't have to be alone
[GAZE] 02:30
[ALIVE] 08:55
LOG #350946: //Out from the shadows, came in shapes and forms. This day, the light finally reached us and we can see. We've all understood now, we exist at the ends of all universes. The remains of what's left falls here. This gift is a sheer miracle, how can light pierce the weight of the surrounding blackness? How can light reach such a place... Where time ends, and space follows no rule// Here we are, with nothing left to hold on to, Our time existing is overdue. We are remainders of worlds once new Here we are, but now the light has pierced the null, The hollow machinations fill with soul. These broken beings will at once, be whole. We've all existed at the end of the line yet we defied against all odds, We're at the barren ends of time, yet we're still going, we're still alive. From the darkness came the spark, I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Can you hear me through the dark? I'm Alive! I'm Alive! --- From the darkness came the spark, Light the fire, banish the fog, Till the end of the world do we part, I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Past the End is the Universe's start, May we never be apart, Can you hear me through the dark? I'm Alive! I'm Alive! --- Here we are, our revelation turns to pain, A sorrow waiting for us to claim, The memories of the ones that time has slain. Here we are, these sacred visions define our truth, from The Cartographer it's absolute, This weary path will save us all... We've all existed at the end of the line yet we've defied against all odds, We're at the barren ends of time, yet we're still going, we're still alive. Past the end is the Universe's start. I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Can you hear me through the dark? I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I'm Alive! --- chorus --- From the darkness came the spark, Bring the light to our weary hearts May this charity leave us a mark, I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I'm Alive! Once awakened, beings arise, Came a brightness born from our cries, Can you hear me through the light? I'm Alive! I'm Alive!
[COLLAPSE] 04:01



This album was made with the massive help of the folks from the Vocasynth community in order to construct the largest synthetic choir ever made. It's been a huge undertaking and has taken a considerable amount of effort and time for everyone involved. I'm very fortunate to be part of such a giving and ambitious community filled with open minds and warm hearts. Their trust and belief in this unpaved path for vocasynths is what made this project even possible.

This is our love letter to Vocaloid and UTAU producers, and the people that bring these Vocasynths to life. Everything you've done has brought everyone here in one crossroad. We all vary in style and genre, in taste and preferences, but our passion are in the same wavelength.

Thank you for inspiring us, believing in us, and never stopping.

We will return the favor.



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ODDEEO Palatine, Illinois



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